About kominako creations

kominako creations features collections of summer-inspired, entirely hand made and one-of-a-kind unique jewelry and home accessories that blend natural beauty with contemporary style for elegant travelers and beach goers.

Each piece is completely unique just like you.
Many of them are made at the place of inspiration.

About the Designer

My name is Miyako and I have been blessed to travel and live around the world absorbing the beauties each place had to offer. Every getaway or city that we ended up calling home has inspired me to create different things at each stage of my life. At the moment, living in the tropics and having access to gorgeous beaches and marine life around, I have been motivated to create a collection that mirrors a relaxed and effortless style that often comes with resort fashion or beach wear.

Summer happens to be my favorite season and I am currently in a place where summer never ends.

About my Pieces

When you have a piece of my collection, you will bring the sweet breeze of summer, the salty waves of the ocean, the sun kissed skin and the feeling of sand under your feet with a tropical drink in your hand no matter where you are, what ever the season. You can bring summer closer to you.

Every one has a good summer story, a wild adventure, a new discovery, a challenge, or passionate encounters….. summer time has a special effect on us, doesn’t it?

Why not wear a piece that brings you right back.
Right back to that tropical cocktail I was talking to you about earlier.

Here, I have showcased my pieces and my inspired moments hoping it can reach those who are also charmed by beautiful things.

Have a look at my instagram or contact me for further inquiries!